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Make Friends & have fun with lynnwood senior living activities

Seniors are encouraged to stay active physically, mentally, and socially with engaging daily activities and special events. From new creative endeavors to good old-fashioned fun, we provide a wide variety of things to do here in the community and out in the neighborhood.
Seniors can connect with other residents that share their interests and maybe even find a new favorite hobby!

What activities does pacifica senior living offer?

Every day offers something to look forward to. Win big at bingo or settle in for a Bible study. Watch a blockbuster movie with buttered popcorn. Stretch out with gentle chair yoga or sway to the music with sing-along exercise. Tend herbs in the outdoor garden.
Pile on the whipped cream at an ice cream social and pet a furry pup during our popular dog visits. From scenic drives in the country to dominoes, baking, and live entertainment - there's always something going on. Check out our events calendar for a complete schedule of our senior activities in Lynnwood, WA.


***Every Friday in Mayl - Bingo Bash for candy at 2PM, followed by Happy Hour at 3PM in Cedar Cottage.***

WEDNESDAY, 5/1/2019

Food Committee with DSDW.

THURSDAY, 5/2/2019

Scenic Drive to the beach. The bus will be departing at 2:00PM.

WEDNESDAY, 5/8/2019

Men's Luncheon with MD.

THURSDAY, 5/9/2019

Walmart Bus Trip.

FRIDAY, 5/10/2019

Mother's day tea with Gary hood.

WEDNESDAY, 5/15/2019

Lee Howard and Ice Cream.

THURSDAY, 5/16/2019

Value Village Bus Ride.

FRIDAY, 5/17/2019

Bingo for Candy.

MONDAY, 5/20/2019

Wii Bowling & Soda.

TUESDAY, 5/21/2019

Gardening & Dr. Appt &Shopping.
WEDNESDAY, 5/22/2019
Jon Pressman & Ice Cream.

THURSDAY, 5/23/2019

Safeway Bus Trip.

FRIDAY, 5/24/2019

Arbor Day and Bingo for Candy Along with Happy Hour and Appetizers.

MONDAY, 5/27/2019

Wii Bowling & Soda.

TUESDAY, 5/28/2019

Dr. Appt & Shopping and Gardening.

WEDNESDAY, 5/29/2019

Birthday Party, Ice Cream & Cake W/Jon Pressman.

THURSDAY, 5/30/2019

Bingo for candy, followed up with Happy Hour and Appetizers.
Nail & Hand Spa of Lynnwood

Nail & Hand Spa

Residents get pampered with soothing spa treatments including manicures and hand massages. Seniors can unwind and enjoy a little TLC while a caregiver shapes, trims, and paints their nails.
Exercise & Sing-Along at Lynnwood

Exercise & Sing-Along

Music inspires movement and makes exercise more fun. Sing along to golden oldies, folk songs, and patriotic tunes during an easygoing workout that improves breathing and strengthens muscles.
Chair Yoga in Lynnwood Washington

Chair Yoga

Traditional yoga moves are adapted to a seated position for this light exercise class, which increases flexibility, improves circulation, and boosts the mood through relaxation techniques.
Men's Breakfast Special in Lynnwood, Washington

Men's Breakfast Special

Gather with the gang and catch up at this special breakfast get-together just for the guys. Enjoy a genuine sense of fellowship along with all your favorite morning treats.
Lynnwood Night at The Movies

Night At The Movies

Kick back with a big bowl of popcorn and let yourself get carried away by the magic of the silver screen. Watch the latest hit movies, classic films, and carefree comedies with heartwarming stories.
Lynnwood Bingo, Washington


Bingo is fun and exciting, especially when you play for candy. It also enhances cognitive abilities like hand-eye coordination. We also play cards, board games, word teasers, and trivia!
Dog Visits at Lynnwood, Washington

Pet Therapy

Nothing lifts the spirit like a fuzzy cuddle from a happy dog. Well-trained pups visit weekly and brighten the day with the positive power of wagging tails, googly eyes, and belly scratches.
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